Monday, November 30, 2009

Star Student Award

Today, Marissa came home with the "Star Student Award" for her character. She was chosen by the school for her respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, and citizenship. I am so proud of her! Much better then the best dressed award she got last year.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yesterday, Marissa had her first bad day at school. The teacher wrote in her book "defiant, needed redirection on numerous occasions". Although, when I dropped her off that morning I told the teacher that she was being "uncooperative". How did she go from being uncooperative to defiant?

So, what do I do? A typical "normal" child who had this in their book would get into trouble have some sort of consequence. A special needs child doesn't understand any form of punishment. She can not consistently be defiant and need redirection, can she? As a parent, shouldn't I do something. Hmm. I'll think about it.

Today, she had no problems. No redirection needed. No defiance. So, I'll just wait and see about doing something the next time.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"I can do so many things"

Each weekday begins with the same routine: 7:30am start waking her up by 7:45am she is out of her bed and ready to eat. She eats two pancakes and applesauce with her medication. The pancakes have to be on a certain plate with her sippy cup on the headlight of rocket (her place mat). She continues to ask "how many pieces?" "are you done mommy?". Over and over again. We finish eating, she asks "whats on TV?" I tell her "Shaun the Sheep" she yells. We sing, and get dressed. I leave to put our stuff in the truck and warm it up for when she gets in. She yells. She has two chores in the morning: turn off the TV and the lights. She yells as we attempt to accomplish both of them.

On the 20 minute ride to school, she will continue over, over and over again say "mommy" but wants nothing. We get to school, after counting school buses, surprisingly each morning we always see three. I take her in, we go to the office, I get my sticker and we began our long walk back to her classroom. Today, we fell three times, as she was waving to everyone in the hall. Most of them know who she is- which is funny being she is not that social in any case maybe she will be a future politician. She stops at each place that the class stops, points out all of the boys bathrooms and finally we are on the home stretch. We get in to the classroom, off with her coat and she waves "bye mom" as all of the kids scream her name. Off I go to work.

When I get home, it is immediately, "what to wear tomorrow?" "play a game" "I ungry" "what's your favorite color mommy?" "daddy working?" "whose on the phone?" "when Fortune come on?" and over again it goes. Rest comes at 7:30pm, we walk to my bedroom where we begin the nighttime routine. We have to change her diaper, put on pajamas, all while she is squirming around. Just when you think to yourself "really this is it" she proudly announces "I can do so many things". This is where I smile and realize that she can do so many things.

Each day begins and ends the same way. Its what's in the middle that counts. In the morning, I am rushed and she is rushed because of that. At night, is when I see all that she is learned throughout the day. While not all days are perfect or even joyful as a parent- she can do so many things. Things I never thought in a million years that I would see her do. So I smile. Because all that I do is to help her do so many things.