Monday, June 3, 2013

"Most Spirited"

Tomorrow is the last day of school and Marissa has once again defied all odds and will be moving to 3rd grade come fall.  So today was "Award Day" at school.  Marissa got awards for being "Tidy Supervisor" (thank you Autism/OCD); "Top Reader" (she hates to read); "Honor Roll" (5 out of 6 marking periods- because she is brilliant) and then the "Most Spirited" (which sums her up exactly).

So I got to thinking about today about her "spirit" and does this really adequately describe her personality.    So often people will tell me that there is just something about her.  Her teacher  stated that "when Marissa walks into the room, you know she is there.  She brings so much to life with her".  How poignant.  Here is a child who was not supposed to live, defying all the odds and with her she brings life.  So I looked up the definition of the word "spirited".  Here you go, it means, "full of energy, vigor or courage".  Vigor means "active strength or force".  Yup, this most definitely describes my daughter.  All of those qualities that she possess to keep her alive are the same qualities that others admire in her as well.

So often when people hear Marissa's story they look at me and say "God knew what He what He was doing.  Not many people could parent her.".  But, the truth is, God knew what He was doing because He knew I needed her.  To watch her today accomplish so much, to effect others around her, to show people that you can be different- is simply amazing.  So even though parenting a "spirited" child can be difficult, I am blessed that she is because if she wasn't so "spirited"- she may not be alive today.

So I want to celebrate my very "spirited" child.  Her amazing accomplishments in her academics but more importantly that God continues to use her to bring life to others and to show that with just a little bit of courage, a lot of energy and a bit of fight- you can achieve more than what any one thought you could.  Spirited.