Monday, November 14, 2011

Fun Times Are Here Again!

The one thing I know from my employment is that when a child experiences a trauma they will often regress back to the last milestone that they accomplished. Marissa has proven this theory to be true and has begun to hit and kick again. She honestly started it immediately after her surgery but four weeks later she is still hitting and kicking. I was hoping it would be for just a few days but she continues to do it. She doesn't hit or kick all the time but just at certain times, like changing her clothes. I don't know why. It doesn't make any sense. We have done the same thing every morning since school started but now we have a little power struggle to endure. Fun times are here again!

On another note, Marissa continues to make improvements since her surgery. We won't know if the surgery actually worked until December 22nd. They will do a Urodynamics test at that time. While I don't pray for any child to have pain, especially my own, I do pray that she will be able to feel the tubes and that we know this surgery was not all in vain. If this surgery did not work, then we know that at some point her kidneys are going to fail. But, I must stay upbeat and positive, Marissa is doing better then anyone in their wildest dreams could imagine.