Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A New Day

Everytime we have to go to UVA, I always think to myself today is a new day. We are going to learn something new about Marissa, have our reality check, and then they send us on our way. Bad news and all. As we are making the return trip home (1 hour 15min) we sit quietly as we try to absorb all the information we just received.

This last trip to UVA was eventful as always. We had to go see a Dentist for the first time and then to the Developmental Pediatrician. We were 1 for 1. Good news at the Dentist, although she did not cooperate at all. Bad news at the Developmental appointment. At 5 years old, we made the decision to put Marissa on a low dose of medication to help with her behaviors. We struggled to make this decision. As we sat acrossed the room looking at one another, watching Marissa with her fixation on the chairs, we only had one answer to try it. This was the worst day. I wanted to cry. I just feel like I could do something different, other behavioral modifications to help her. At the end, he said "You have done all you can do". Really? I have honestly done it all?

So it is a new day. A new day that I never wanted to venture to. A new day where I wanted to change the clock back to when she was 1 and life was easier. Just another day.....