Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lesson Learned

Back in December, I wrote a blog titled, "Somethings Just Can't Be Fixed, Amy".  As I read over that blog, I remember the feelings of that conversation that I had with the doctor and the hopelessness that flooded me.  I thought for sure that Marissa would live her life in pull ups and grappling with this reality was just at times too much.  I asked for prayer from many of you and I believe whole heartedly that God has answered those prayers.  If God was to heal any part of her body, I wanted Him to heal this part.  I can deal with the rest of her issues but her being in pull ups at age 13, 18, 21 and so on- just broke my heart.

I have been catheterizing Marissa for over a year now, without much problem from her.  In June, she began to fight to me like crazy.  The situation got worse and it was almost like she was in pain every time we had "pit stop".  I finally told her that if she went to the potty then I would not do pit stop.  I stopped what I was doing and she went into her bathroom and went to the potty.  I was amazed, shocked, and scared.  We've been through this before and I thought for sure this would be a fluke.  But, day after day, Marissa would go to the potty several times a day.   She continues to still need a pull up because she doesn't always have the sensation but already we are seeing much more consistency in her willingness to go.

Last week, we went to see her Urologist.  We are beginning to see some improvement in her kidney function.  The Urodynamic test that she normally doesn't feel, she was able to feel.  This was a good sign even though she was in a lot of pain.  I think the doctors are just being very cautious at this point.  They are surpised but are being reserved in their comments.  However,   one of Marissa's doctor said, "this truly is a miracle".  I know that God has listened to the prayers of His children.  I believe that God heard the prayer of Marissa which simply was "heal me".

God has really been working through Marissa, using her special needs to impact others.  I am learning to understand that while Marissa's behaviors at times are overwhelming, she is really teaching others that just because you may have Autism and other issues, you can still make a difference in the lives of others.  During VBS, for the first time ever, she got up on stage and did the motions to our song in front of over 700 people.  Front and center.  Marissa NEVER did one of the motions during our practices but when it really mattered- she did it.   Her actions remind me of what God did for her.  When it got to the point where the medical community was saying that she would never be able to go to the potty, God answered prayers.  I was doubting that God would heal her, I was doubting that she would do the motions, but when it really mattered, when it really was going to make a difference- God did it.

Lesson learned.